Mythril Age

20 monster sprites designed to fit the Mythril Age asset style.
Tilesets that can used in your game!
New edits, additions, and recolors!
Walls and Temple tileset addons that fit the Mythril Age graphics.
23 Spell Icons in the Mythril Age style.
68 unique item icons plus recolors to resemble popular RPG ores. 462 item icons in total.
Mythril Age Item Icons v2 includes 44 more unique item icons plus recolors. 432 item icons in total!
111 Sound effects to be used in your games!
Base sprites for the Mythril Age graphics!
25 sprites that fit the Mythril Age Tilesets.
Included are 10 sprites in the Mythril Age style.
10 Town NPC Sprites in the Mythril Age style.
Knights based on the elements Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.
9 Sprites designed with the idea of being the main Hero's in your game.
A set of crystals and ore nodes perfect for decoration and/or mining!