A downloadable game for Windows

--- How to Play ---

Space Bar to start game and skip some intro scenes.

W, A, S, D, to move.

Do not make contact with the roaches. Find wires on each floor to open doors of the same color and advance to the next floor.

--- Story ---

The world changed when the monsters came from under the earth.

All connection was lost.

Mutant cockroaches caught mankind of guard. Now humanity hides in bunkers, fighting back against the roaches, and regaining their world.

Now they have arrived at the last facility needed to gain the tool to take back their planet...


Lead Developer: Mythril Age ( aka Zetasis)

Artist: Noobk (Itch Page)

Sounds: baz (Itch Page)


Connect - Lost Relic Game Jam 2022.zip 42 MB

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